In order for your students in Years 10-13 to apply for STH events, the school needs to be registered on our system.

If your work email does not allow you access to the Learner Portal, this is either because you are not on our system, or we do not have a contact for your school. We can only have one contact per organisation, so ideally, this should be the careers representative.

Please select the register school button below if you wish to register your school/college.

By signing into the Learner Portal, you will be agreeing to STH using your information to process applications as well as internal statistical reporting purposes. Your information will also be used to monitor possible links between work experience/events for young people and whether this leads to their taking up a career within the NHS. Personal information will not be passed on to other individuals or organisations. Any information will be automatically destroyed from the system after a set period of time. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.